Go Sports America gives young, local athletes the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive in organized sports.

About Us

Founded in 2012, Go Sports America gives local athletes the opportunity to participate in organized sports. Drawing on his personal passion for athletics and coaching, Jon Palmen created the organization with the goal of helping athletes experience the lifelong values of team sports.

Upon seeing first-hand how area sports teams struggle in today’s economy, Jon, as President of Athletic Republic of Kenosha and Libertyville, realized he was in a unique position to make a difference through fundraising for local athletic programs, team sponsorships and scholarships.

Go Sport America donates proceeds to local athletic teams to purchase equipment, uniforms and additional items. Requests for funding may be submitted to info@gosportsamerica.org.


Lifetime Achievement Award Winners

2014 Scott Lindgren
2015 Frank Matrise
2016 Ron Davis & Nick Perrine
2017 Ernie Virgili & Dr. James Santarelli

2017 Doctors of PT
Holiday Basketball Classic

Dec 28-Dec 30

As Featured in VoyageChicago.com


Thursday's Games

Racine Prairie 72, Bradford 69 (girls)

Union Grove 64, Indian Trial 40 (girls)

Tremper 72, Union Grove 62 (boys)

Central 73, Indian Trial 55 (boys)


Friday's Games

Bradford 54, Racine St. Catherine's 46 (girls)

Racine Lutheran 61, Wilmot 60 (girls)

Bradford 74, Racine Lutheran 57 (boys)

Wilmot 76, St Joseph 57 (boys)

Racine St Catherine's 84, Oak Creek 36 (boys)


Saturday's Games

Racine Prairie 69, Indian Trial 42 (girls)

Wilmot 58, Racine St. Catherine's 42 (girls)

Tremper 83, St Joseph 58 (boys)

West Allis Central 79, Oak Creek 50 (boys)

Union Grove 58, Indian Trial 52 (boys)

Bradford 65, Racine St. Catherine's 56 (boys)

Player of The Games

1) Prairie - Brook Foster
2) Union Grove - Brooklyn Bull
3) Tremper - Tristan Jazz
4) Central - Dylan Anderson

5) Bradford - Sydney Strelow
6) Racine Lutheran - Caroline Strande
7) Bradford - Demonte Nelson
8) Wilmot - Latrell Glass
9) St. Cats - Hzarie Stevens

10) Prairie - Jo Larson
11) Wilmot - Riley Alexander
12) Tremper - Blake Hoffman
13) West Allis - Jacob Fierst
14) Union Grove - Jack Pettit
15) Bradford - Saverio Parker

Lifetime Achievement Award Winners

Ernie Virgili & Dr. James Santarelli



Accounting Principals

Alia, McDunn & Mcternan

All In Athletics

Culligan water

David Insurance

Dooley & Associates

Kenosha News


St. Joseph’s Catholic Academy

Waterfront Warehouse



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